Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] (TM)

Acupuncture for your emotions.” There’s much more to it than this, but the basic premise is we have an energetic body in addition to our physical body that codes information about our past survival techniques. By balancing this energy body we can shift physical, emotional and psychological issues.

Here is how it works- often in life, we face traumas and develop a survival response of how to deal. These responses are coded within our physical and energetic bodies like a snapshot. The snapshots are beneficial at first because they got us through a tough situation and maybe subsequent traumas, but they often get outdated. This is when the snapshot responses are not always healthy or the best way to deal. For example, lets say when you were a child, you were stung by a bee and it hurt! Now whenever you see a bee, your reaction is a panic, scream, and run away. When you were a kid, freaking out was a great way to let an adult know there was a bee in the vicinity and to take care of the situation by placing it under a glass and moving it elsewhere. Now that you are an adult, this survival technique is probably not as handy. What you may  not realize is that you can change your bee behavior (or snapshot) to calm and be at peace when a bee shows up it will not sting you.

Now let’s say that your bee fear is a different problem, like relationship patterns, sexual trauma, self-worth issues, or something else that’s got you down. By identifying your “snapshots” and shifting them inside of your energetic body, relief and a new way of approaching life is yours.

Energy Psychology is like reprogramming your modes of operation to healthier, calmer and more useful responses that serve you better. By changing our internal response we can change our perception of an external event. From those shifts comes the freedom to be at peace.