Impressive Intuition

I’ve seen Cheryl off and on for several years now. On occasion 6 or more months have passed without a visit. But each time I return, I’m surprised by how comfortable it feels to sit across from her, how easy it is reconnect, pick up where we left off. She seems as much friend as therapist.

There’s much I could say, much I would like to share about Cheryl’s work. It has helped me on so many levels. But I want to keep it short, will speak to the one thing that really stands out for me. Cheryl’s intuitive sense and awareness has impressed me the most, has been the most beneficial for me. Many times when working with her I’ve had an experience, felt a subtle shift in my body, had a passing thought that wouldn’t normally register. Often Cheryl is able to see or feel my experience. And with this awareness she’s able to help me see the subtle signals I often miss on my own. She does this without putting words in my mouth or images in my head, but provides direction so that I may find my own expressions for my experience. For me, this ability of hers to help me become more aware, in touch with the more subtle aspects of my life experience has been invaluable.

One last thing. It’s clear that being a therapist is not just a job for Cheryl. After working with her for only a short time, experiencing her passion for what she does, it became apparent that this is her life’s work.