Techniques and Tools

When I think about the work that I’ve been doing with Cheryl Breault, the word to best describe the experience is transformative. The person I am has grown and changed for the better mainly due to Cheryl’s guidance, patience, and intuitive understanding. She introduced me to a powerful set of Emotional Freedom Techniques that require little to no practice but can be used anywhere, anytime to help ease emotional reactions and physically calm my nervous system. These “tapping” practices have been the most useful tool in my toolbox when encountering anger, anxiety, worry, and fear – emotions that have been part of my internal struggle. Additionally, Cheryl and I have done a tremendous amount of energy work together which has been pivotal in allowing me to create spaciousness within myself, act with grace, and react with curiosity rather than judgment during major life changes. She doesn’t simply guide you when you are in session; she gives you useful, applicable tools to guide you in your everyday life as well. When I leave at the end of our session, I always feel rejuvenated and am able to breathe deeper, worry less, and know I’m much closer to truth and insight that I seek. What a gift.